Since its establishment, Cathay investment consulting has always adhered to the concept of "always acting as a good fund". Since 2005, it has combined the rich resources of the parent company-cathay financial group and the company's professional team to provide sustainable products and services, and has gradually introduced high-quality funds.

At present, it is the general agent in Taiwan of Morgan Stanley and First Sentier Investors series funds. Its fund product line is complete and diversified. Multi-level funds have repeatedly won the golden diamond award, Lipper, Asian Asset Management Magazine, Index Magazine, AsianInvestor and other domestic and foreign professional appraisal agencies have won a lot of awards to meet the needs of investors in various asset allocations.

(Source: Taipei financial research and development foundation, Lipper, Asian Asset Management Magazine, Index Magazine, AsianInvestor; date of data: each year of awards, please see the list of winners)


Assisting Cathay life in promoting investment insurance and providing overseas fund investment advisory services.
Leveraging Cathay's long-term asset management experience, moving towards large asset management institutions.
Foster the professional ability of valet operation and wait for the opportunity to intervene in entrusting the valet to operate the business.
Establish a complete and strong research team to improve the quality of securities investment decisions of the companies in the group.
Cooperate with Cathay financial holdings to develop integrated financial services, reinforce the coverage of goods and services.